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The World's Best Performing Water Treatment Chemicals

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Scale Removal

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Wastewater Treatment

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Potable Water Treatment

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Industrial Water Treatment

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Unsurpassed Performance

Our products have the industry’s highest active substance to yield the most efficient treatment for our customers

Reduced Hauling & Disposal

Increased chemical efficiency reduces total usage, hauling, and disposal to give customers the lowest Total Treatment Cost

ANSI/NSF Certified & Listed

Our Potable products are nationally approved for use in drinking water systems by the National Sanitation Foundation

Industry Leading Expertise

100+ years of combined experience in treatment operations helps our customers achieve sustainable results

Product Line

Struvite Removers
Vivianite Removers
Demulsifiers and Flotation Aids
Odor Neutralizers
Oil & Gas Technologies


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Wastewater Treatment Chemistry

California Environmental Dewatering provides the world’s best performing Water and Wastewater treatment chemistry. We provide chemicals for WastewaterStruvite RemovalVivianite RemovalPotable WaterIndustrial Water, and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Our customers are wastewater plants, potable water plants, industrial water plants, and oil services companies. What separates CED from the competition is that we provide the best products and work with customers to facilitate efficient operations and solve problems. Essentially, we leverage our expertise through on-site engineering. At CED, we are constantly innovating our solutions and structuring new Alliances to improve our company’s offerings. Ultimately, we enable our customers to become high performing treatment operations.