Poly-Solv 02™

Polymer Blending Unit System Flush

Specifically designed for flushing liquid/emulsion polymer blending units. A unique blend of mineral oils, detergents, and surfactants that will keep your blending unit performing at peak capacity. Over time polymer will leave deposits in blending units’ internal components. These deposits will inhibit pumping and mixing, reducing the effectiveness of the polymer, costing you more money.

Benefits of incorporating Poly-Solv 02™ into your blending unit preventive maintenance program:

  • Reduced Maintenance.
  • Less Downtime.
  • More effective polymer mixing – reducing polymer consumption.
  • Easier startup.
  • Fewer pumping issues.
  • Lubricates and extends the life of wear items in polymer feed pumps.

Poly-Solv 02™ FAQ’s

How do you use Poly-Solv 02™ ?

Most polymer blending units have a calibration column to verify polymer dose. Pouring Poly-Solv 02™ into the calibration column is the easiest method of introducing it into your system. The non-toxic dye will visually let you know when the unit has been saturated. For systems without a calibration column you may put a“T”in your polymer feed line with a valve. This will allow you to feed Poly-Solv 02™ directly into the polymer feed pump. Give us a call; we can give you guidance to help you easily modify your system.

Is it safe for my system?

This product contains no caustics, no acids, no solvents, and has a neutral pH. It has been tested for compatibility with plastics, glass, and metals. It will not harm your blending unit. It will however lubricate and protect wear parts, reducing pump rebuilds.

Can I recirculate Poly-Solv 02™ in my blending unit?

Yes, you certainly can; however, it is not recommended. Recirculation usually requires modification of the blending unit. Poly-Solv 02™ will clean your unit without the hassle of recirculation. Also, recirculation will require you to use a lot of product; it is not necessary. For best results run Poly-Solv 02™ through your unit before a shutdown period. The longer it can stay in the system the better it will work. Overnight is good; over the weekend is great.

What size containers is it offered in?

You can purchase it in 1-gallon jugs (case of 4), 5 gallon pails, or 55-gallon drums.

Would Poly-Solv 02™ be good for storing an emulsion feed system?

Absolutely! Running Poly-Solv 02™ through the unit before storage will ensure an easy startup the next time that you need it. Polymer deposits will dissolve, and pump wear parts will be lubricated. It will also prevent moisture from entering the system.

Is there any reason that I shouldn’t use this product?

Yes. If you enjoy difficult startups, and rebuilding polymer pumps don’t buy it. But seriously… the cost of 1 pail of Poly-Solv 02™ is much less than most polymer pump rebuild kits. That alone will justify the cost. When you factor in the increased mixing performance of a clean blending unit, this product will save you money. And you also have the confidence of our guarantee. If this product does not work for you we will issue a 100% refund. Give it a try; you’ll be glad that you did!

Directions for use:

(Each blending unit is different; these are general guidelines. Call for assistance.)

First time application:

Fill blending unit calibration column with Poly-Solv 02™. Shut off polymer supply and open calibration column valve. Allow pump to run long enough to fully saturate blending unit. Shut off pump and leave overnight. Poly-Solv 02™ will dissolve buildups. For best results repeat daily for a period as it will take several applications to initially clean the unit.


After the blending unit has been fully cleaned, Poly-Solv 02™ may be used weekly to maintain the unit. It is best to perform this before a weekend or other extended shutdown. If you process solids daily, a biweekly maintenance program is very beneficial. When rebuilding polymer pumps, soak fittings overnight in Poly-Solv 02™. This will soften deposits and make cleaning much easier. If shutting down a blending unit for an extended period be sure to run Poly-Solv 02™ in it first. Leave the product in the unit until startup. This will make startups MUCH easier!

Poly-Solv 02™ is not designed for cleanup of polymer spills. For spills use our Poly-Solv 01™.