Poly-Solv 01™

Polymer Residual Cleaner

Designed to loosen and remove polymer accumulations on process equipment and work areas. A unique blend of detergents, emulsifiers, and multi-component surfactants that will rapidly break the cohesive bond between polymer molecules and the surface to which they adhere. Can be used on belt press belts, screw presses, polymer makeup tanks, floors, stairs – anyplace where slippery polymer residuals present a problem.

Benefits of using Poly-Solv 01™ in your polymer areas:

  • Quickly clean up drips and spills before they become a slipping hazard.
  • Easily cleans tools used to work on polymer blending units.
  • Removes polymer residuals trapped in belt filter cloths, gravity belts, screw presses, and other
    solids processing equipment.
  • Increases equipment performance saving you money.
  • Keep slipping hazards to a minimum; keep your employees safe.
  • Poly-Solv 01™ FAQ’s

Is Poly-Solv 01™ harmful to my equipment?

No, it’s not. Poly-Solv 01™ contains no acids or ammonias. It has been extensively tested, and formulated not to harm plastics, metals, or masonry. As with all cleaning products, you should pretest a small area to make sure that no damage occurs. See SDS for recommended personal protection equipment.

What is the easiest way to clean our belt filter press?

Use a small metering pump to inject Poly-Solv 01™ into the belt press wash water. Activate when performing washdown to keep your belts in clean optimum condition. We’ve seen many instances when belts were changed, when all they really needed was a good cleaning. Contact us for help in sizing and setting up a metering pump. Regular use of Poly-Solv 01™ will extend the life of your belts and save you money.

How do I use it in a screw press?

Depending on the layout of your particular press, for the first cleaning spray screw areas liberly with a 1/1 ratio of Poly-Solv 01™ and water. Let it sit for 10 – 20 minutes, and initiate the washdown cycle. After initial cleaning a 1/5 ratio may be used. As with belt presses, injection into the wash water is the easiest method of application.

Can I use it in a centrifuge?

Yes, you can. Over time polymer residuals will build up in the centrifuge bowl. Periodic cleaning will remove these deposits and increase performance. The easiest method is to feed straight Poly-Solv 01™ through your polymer blending unit’s calibration column, through the blending unit, and into the centrifuge. In a dirty centrifuge you will see polymer residuals and sludge deposits come off in the centrate water. Run until centrate is clean.

Can I use it to flush polymer blending units?

Yes, you can, although we have another product, Poly-Solv 02™, designed specifically for this application which is more effective. If using Poly-Solv 01™ do not dilute. Pour into calibration column and feed into metering pump. After product has been fed, use mineral oil to flush cleaner out of the system as residual will affect polymer. Use our Poly-Solv 02™ for an easier more effective way to flush your blending unit.

What size containers is it offered in?

You can purchase it in 1-gallon jugs (case of 4), 5-gallon pails, or 55-gallon drums.

Directions for use:

These are general guidelines. Please call for assistance.

Spills and Drips :

Remove free flowing liquid with rags or absorbent material. Apply liberally to polymer residuals and allow to sit for 10 – 20 minutes. Agitate with a cleaning rag or stiff brush to completely break up the film, then flush away with water. For heavy, dried on residuals, you may need to repeat for complete cleanup.

Belt Presses/Thickeners/Screw Presses:

For first time cleaning use a 1/1 ratio of Poly-Solv 01™ and water mixed in a spray applicator. Turn off wash water and spray the belts liberally until fully covered. Poly-Solv™ has a blue tint to help you see which areas have been covered. Let sit for 10-20 minutes. Turn on wash water and cycle belts. Your belts will be clean and more efficient. After initial cleaning you may repeat this procedure using a 1/5 ratio of Poly-Solv 01™ and water weekly. To make this task super easy a small metering pump can be installed to inject Poly-Solv 01™ into the belt wash water. It can then be activated during the washdown cycle. Contact Clean Waters for help in sizing a pump and feed rate.

Tools and Pumps:

We’ve all been there. You’ve been working on a polymer pump and now your tools are covered. Just spray them down with straight Poly-Solv 01™, let them sit for a bit, and wash them off. When rebuilding a polymer pump, soak the fittings in Poly-Solv 01™ to make cleaning and reassembly a snap.