enhanced oil recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery

CED’s Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies include water-soluble polymers for drilling fluids, drill-in-fluids, oil-well cement slurries, completion and work-over fluids and fracturing fluids. Our synthetic product lines are used extensively by oilfield service companies who depend on the performance of our products for the most demanding applications.

The leading functional properties of our products include:

  • Fluid loss control
  • Rheology control
  • Gel strength
  • Lubrication/friction reducer

All of our Enhanced Oil Recovery polymers are high quality products that provide numerous direct and indirect benefits when incorporated into water-based oil-well servicing fluids. Primarily, or polymers offer:

  • Versatility: they function across a broad range of physical and chemical conditions
  • Compatibility: they provide a cost-effective means of improving performance of water-based oil-well servicing fluids
  • Non-hazardous: in accordance with OSHA

Application specialists are working in our laboratories to support new product development and provide technical assistance and advice to customers. As Hydraulic Fracturing equipment and technologies continue to advance, the CED team is on the cutting edge of this innovation. We rely upon our network of alliances to augment our knowledge of the latest oil and gas technologies to reduce the risks associated with equipment/technology procurement integration as well as the total treatment cost.

CED’s water-based oil-well servicing fluid polymers are designed to support the energy industry in delivering superior and cost-effective fluid performance across a wide range of pH, temperature and salt conditions.