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Water Specialty Chemicals

Water Specialty Chemicals have been at the core of CED’s solutions and our product offering for over 25 years. We’ve been a leading provider of a diverse array of innovative process and water treatment chemistry. Our expansive expertise, on-site management approach and seasoned team of application experts enable us to partner with you to deliver high-value solutions. Combined with our commitment to environmentally sustainable initiatives, we work with you to protect our world for future generations. To learn more about how the consumption and availability of water is affecting the U.S. – click here.

At the core of every CED water treatment program is our technologically advanced Water Specialty Chemicals that ensure your water and energy use is efficient, systems are reliable, and your equipment is not compromised. CED Water Specialty Chemicals go through the industry’s strictest quality control systems to ensure performance integrity without interruption under constantly changing conditions. The CED Team has over 100 years of combined experience. We run full scale trials with all of our prospective customers to ensure that our products are customized and optimized for their operation.

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