Cetco Energy Services


Cetco Energy Services is a diversified global company providing innovative products and practical solutions to challenging regulatory and construction problems. They deliver a complete range of services built around engineering support, technical assistance, custom fit solutions, and leadership in research and development. With the strength of these services, Cetco Energy Services is well-positioned to provide responsive solutions on a global scale to environmental construction needs in the lining, remediation, drilling, waterproofing, roofing, and contracting markets. The Water Treatment Division at CETCO specializes in water treatment processes and technologies to remove oil, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solids, toxic materials and other contaminants from your operations wastewater stream.

Drawing on years of experience in water treatment, CETCO has designed a rental fleet that meets a vast variety of flow rates, temperatures and pressures. Our turnkey approach to the treatment of oilfield wastewater streams places personnel and safety first. Dedicated to maximizing our customer’s investment returns, CETCO provides consistent results to produce environmentally compliant processes with increased oil recovery and ultimate production.

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Cetco Energy Services delivers a complete range of services:

  • Built around engineering support
  • Technical assistance
  • Custom fit solutions, and
  • Leadership in research and development.

Their corporate technical center provides the setting for comprehensive research and development as well as technical support necessary to provide the quality products and services you expect. Cetco’s areas of specialty include:

  • Lining technologies
  • Remediation technologies
  • Drilling products
  • Building envelope
  • Oilfield services