Centrisys high performance centrifuges were designed from everything they learned servicing all makes of dewatering equipment for nearly a quarter of a century.  Today there are over 1,000 Centrisys centrifuges operating around the world.  They are the heart of sophisticated dewatering/separation systems that will deliver unmatched performance.

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Centrisys centrifuge systems are designed for municipal and industrial plants.  Their centrifuges deliver the driest cake possible at the lowest HP per GPM of flow of any decanter on the market, which results in more savings year after year. Centrisys centrifuges are totally enclosed and controlled by sophisticated variable frequency drives that can be monitored from the control room via the SCADA.  Customers have reported significant annual cost reductions.

  • 96% reduction in fuel consumption while maintaining 24% cake solids
  • 33% reduction in polymer consumption

It’s not unusual for municipal customers to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in energy and polymer costs that go right to the bottom line.