Poly-Solv 03™

Dry Polymer Absorbant

Finally, an absorbent specifically designed to clean up polymer spills quickly. Our newest product, Poly-Solv 03 Dry™, was created to stop polymer spills from spreading and make cleanup more manageable than ever before.

Clay-type absorbents don’t work well with polymer. You end up using large quantities and still have a mess. They also tend to be dusty. Poly-Solv 03 Dry™ uses a plant-based material that sucks up polymer like a sponge. We added a non-toxic dye that reacts with polymer, so you will know if there is any residual left when you sweep it up. Poly-Solv 03 Dry™ also contains two types of polymer deactivators that help break polymer down on contact. Finally, we incorporated a grit component that helps minimize slipping should you not have time to sweep it up right away.

Consider these advantages of Poly-Solv 03™ Dry over other absorbents:

  • Low cost. Because it works so well, use 75% less than clay-based products.
  • It contains two polymer deactivators that will help break down polymer on contact.
  • It contains a dye that reacts with polymer, so you know if you cleaned it all up.
  • Plant based.
  • The grit component helps minimize slipping.
  • Keep a box near where you use polymer to clean up spills quickly and easily.

Give Poly-Solv 03 Dry™ a try today. You will be glad that you did. As with all of our Poly-Solv™ products, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction.

Directions for use:

Whenever using any dry absorbants, it is good practice to wear a dust mask. Sprinkle Poly-Solv 03 Dry™ onto a polymer spill as soon as possible so that the entire spill is covered. Polymer exposed to air will develop a film over time that makes cleanup more difficult. Work the Poly-Solv Dry™ into the polymer with a broom/shovel; this helps the deactivators break it down. Let the treated spill sit for 10-20 minutes before sweeping/ shoveling.

If the spill is on a smooth surface, Poly-Solv 03 Dry™ will usually absorb all of the polymer. If the spill is on a porous surface, you may see residual. A blue tint will indicate residual. Any residual should be cleaned with hot water or our Poly-Solv 01™ residual cleaner which will make it super easy.