water and wastewater company

Company Description

California Environmental Dewatering provides the world’s best performing Water and Wastewater treatment chemistry. We provide chemicals for Wastewater, Struvite Removal, Vivianite RemovalPotable WaterIndustrial Water, and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Our customers are wastewater plants, potable water plants, industrial water plants, and oil services companies. What separates CED from the competition is that we provide the best products and work with customers to facilitate efficient operations and solve problems. Essentially, we leverage our expertise through on-site engineering. At CED, we are constantly innovating our solutions and structuring new Alliances to improve our company’s offerings. Ultimately, we enable our customers to become high performing treatment operations.

Our competitive advantages in the marketplace include:

  • Collaborative customer relationships to ensure operations are predictable, compliant, and efficient
  • Innovative Water and Wastewater chemistry that ensures energy use is efficient, systems are reliable, and equipment is not compromised
  • The world’s best performing water treatment chemicals, with a proven track record for complex, end-to-end operational applications
  • Alliances with the wastewater industry’s leading equipment and technology companies enables us to deliver value to customers within any equipment or operational need
  • Domestic delivery networks that provide customers with lower costs and faster shipments
  • Leading experts in our industry with over 100 years of combined experience
  • Powerful culture of innovation, collaboration, and teaming
  • Multi-generational family-owned company

Water and Wastewater

At CED, we use our expertise in on-site engineering to help customers treat Water and Wastewater to create sustainable results for operations and end-users. Water and Wastewater treatment with CED polymers increases operational performance, consistency, and decreases total treatment cost. We use our industry experience, our service expertise and our understanding of changing operational to formulate solutions with and for our customers. We are focused on helping customers improve their operational performance, delivering their products and services more efficiently, and safely improving their treatment performance.

The CED Competitive Advantage

Increasingly, we are providing our customers highly differentiated, industry-based, end-to-end engineering services that combine our various treatment applications and operating capabilities. We have extensive Alliances with the country’s leading wastewater companies, cities, and work with organizations of all sizes. Our commitment to customer satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships.

We have a unique way of doing things—the CED Way. It’s how we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver high performance treatment for our customers. It is grounded in our Core Values, shared business ethics, and uncompromising standards for Water and Wastewater. The CED Way is brought to life every day, in all that we do, through our unique energy, style, and passion.

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